A Word On: Integrity

“Integrity is not something you show others. It is how you behave behind their back.” ~Unknown

The above quote makes me giggle a little bit, especially when I think of Security+. In the future, maybe it will make you smirk a bit as well.

Think about this a moment: “how you behave behind their back”.

Now how does this relate to Security+. So much revolves around behavior. Has this or that been tampered with? Has the integrity been destroyed? How do you verify that no tricky behavior or business has occurred?

A few things come to mind in regards to Integrity: CIA Triad, Hashing, and Digital Signatures. Sure, there are more areas that integrity play a role… it’s a foundation piece but these are the few that pop into my mind. Let’s Discuss.

CIA Triad
The CIA Triad consists of three pieces, very important pieces – Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Confidentiality is basically stating if you shouldn’t access or become privy to a piece of information, access denied. Protect the information so that it isn’t disclosed to outside parties.

Integrity ensures that the information is not altered or changed. For example, if you were to send me a contract, you want to ensure that nothing has been altered on that contract from the time it left you to the time that it arrives to grace your recipient’s eyes.

Availability dictates that the information is able to be accessed when needed.

Once you place the three together(CIA), it all makes sense. It should almost be a life lesson to apply in other areas of living: A gem of info should be kept confidential, unaltered, and accessible, as needed by the proper individuals.

If you are wondering how Hashing and Digital Signatures popped into my mind, it’s because they are avenues linked to integrity.

I won’t go into full detail at this point regarding Hashing. Imagine you have a special number assigned to a image that you created. Others want to download that image. When they download the image and check its number, it should match the number that you have for it. A hashing algorithm is used to check the number. If the number matches, the integrity is good. Valid. If that number is different, something changed. It is no longer trustworthy. Houston, we have a problem.

A digital signature works the same way. Your unique signature accompanies an item that you send. If that signature isn’t present upon arrival for the recipient, something changed. Proceed with caution.

Are you able to see how integrity is so important in Security+? I’m stating Security+ because this is the avenue that we are presently exploring.

Hopefully you learned something or gained understanding.

Keep tuning in for more. Don’t worry the posts won’t be lengthy but short and to the point.

Let me know what you think. If I messed up, let me know that as well.

We are all in this journey together.

Let’s grow!

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