Casting My Line

As I was spending time with my new read by Michael Strahan, Wake Up Happy, he made a point that pushed me into action.

Strahan stated basically that to even make a big catch or any catch at all, you have to first cast your line in the water or you don’t stand a chance.

Think about that. If you don’t even put yourself in the environment for change, you are not even in a place for change to occur.

This hit me hard as I have been working on some ideas… my many ideas. The hard part at times is desiring for these plans to be perfect or loaded with resources and information before even putting them out there. And it is so, so hard to put things out there for others to devour, critique, or to encourage you in. You never know how it will go sometimes but one thing I did was put my line in the water.

I put my line in the water. Read that again. I put my line in the water.

How many of us have been desiring change yet not putting ourselves in the ring to even be amongst the selection… to even get a nibble… to have the opportunity to pull out a big catch?

Well, I did just that. I cast my line and opened up this site. That was/is the first step.

Let’s see where the journey leads.


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