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CIA, Parkerian Hexad, Risk Management and Incident Response

This week’s content involves Information Security. The core model of all information security is the CIA Triad. Triad: a union or group of three ”..

New Year, New Actions

Welcome to the start of another year, 2022!!! A new year brings reflection on our pasts, while also pushing us into revamping our goals for..

?Cybersecurity Awareness Month??‍?

Each of us can get involved this October to help all of us be more safe and secure online. Make sure to share with others..

A Word On: Integrity

“Integrity is not something you show others. It is how you behave behind their back.” ~Unknown The above quote makes me giggle a little bit,..

Listening to Needs

Recently, I read a message in which someone asked: What do you need? The response: Funding. The conversation continued with more suggestions being offered and..

Daily Action. Changed Lives.

“Daily action can turn your life around.” -Brian Tracy, Focal Point What will you do today to turn your life around? Each day requires taking..

No Forcing It November

If you live on this Earth, you know that things have the propensity to change despite your best plans. This is exactly what the last..

Self-Care September

Affirm: I am present for others only after I take care of myself first. We are living in the 9th month of this year. This..

What’s coming in August

Update to release: August 20, 2020 – The goals listed in this post will be moved to September 2020 due to unforeseen circumstances. Thanks for..


You’ve been waiting and I have been desiring to deliver this site for a long time. It has been a true work in progress. And..

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