Listening to Needs

Image Credit: GDJ /Pixabay

Recently, I read a message in which someone asked: What do you need? The response: Funding.

The conversation continued with more suggestions being offered and more questions about how can help be provided. The same response was presented: Funding.

Finally, after much time and around the world conversation, funding was finally received as the response.

Hmm, now why was so much time wasted on receiving what was stated from the beginning? Believe it or not many people know what they need in order to produce more content, to provide more resources, to obtain equipment, software and supplies. Yet, when asked about that need is, it is meet with other options. Why is that? Again I ask, why is that?

As a business in need of funding, this resonated all too well. Sometimes the booster you need may be the hardest to obtain, or the one item others don’t want to provide or direct you toward.

I write this to say: Take the time to listen to and receive the answer to your question. It may save both parties time, help meet a need, and improve relationships and communication.

Life Gem: Listen. Receive. Act.

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