No Forcing It November

If you live on this Earth, you know that things have the propensity to change despite your best plans. This is exactly what the last couple of months have felt like. No, it is not an excuse. It’s a fact. Gears have been shifted and I step into that with acceptance and flexibiity.

Acceptance and Flexibility

With that being said, what’s in store for November?

I wish I knew myself. My thoughts are still churning some ideas on what I want to share, and it isn’t Markdown. There’s something bigger swirling within, yet I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. I may just use it as a reflection and summary for what I’m learning. Maybe it will be a platform for what others are sharing and celebrating their greatness. I might pick a word for each day and write something about it and share it.

See what I mean, thoughts are churning. There are no worries because as stated before flexibility is in flow and acceptance for what may surface. The plan can easily change and I want to be authentic in engaging with it… not just because it is on a calendar of tasks to complete.

Eureka, that’s it! No Forcing It November. Sounds like a plan to me


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