What’s coming in August

Update to release: August 20, 2020 – The goals listed in this post will be moved to September 2020 due to unforeseen circumstances. Thanks for being a part of the community.

Good ole August. I don’t know about you but this year has been one to remember and has been flying by. Yet, it has been filled with so many reasons to want to withdraw from society and act like everything outside your personal bubble does not exist.

We, yes, WE need a welcomed change. That’s why this month there will be posts dedicated to Health and Wellness.

The importance of taking time to get thyself together is crucial.

With that said, a special feature from Health 411 by the fabulous N. Harris will drop this month. Also, self-care practices will be shared, affirmations that help keep you restored, and some dope tunes to press play on as you kick back and allow the mindfulness of the moment to penetrate your flow.

Although, health is important. Tech is as well.

So guess what? We are going to discuss the fabulous concept of Markdown. There is so much that can be accomplished with Markdown. It’s wild because I’ve even encountered people who have never heard of it as well. Stay tuned to learn ways to spice up what you’re working on and perhaps learn a little bit about GitHub in the process too.

What topics would be of interest to you? Drop a line below.

August has some great content in store.

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