You’ve been waiting and I have been desiring to deliver this site for a long time. It has been a true work in progress. And as you can see, no, it is not loaded with a ton of posts and an overload of rabbit hole items. There’s a reason for that: LIFE!

What do you mean about LIFE, Gina?

Here’s what I am saying. Life has taught me that everything cannot be planned and perfect before it is presented.

This is why I decided to go ahead and open up the site and update as I create. This route feels more natural and present during the process.

Let’s take this ride together. This space isn’t just for coding or technology related news. It is for all things good, like motivation, quotes, wonderful books, sharing beautiful people with you that are inspiring and taking it a day at a time.

This space is for people just like me and you: Authentic. Loving. Ambitious. Beautiful inside and out.

Welcome to Gina Codes And More. I’m thrilled to have you here.


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